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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dreams of France, and Food

When French Women Cook
A book I recently checked out has turned out to be quite inspirational. The author goes through stories about a few different women who were either French geniuses or new women who were and had the pleasure of looking up to them in their lives. Each story just makes me pine for a life in provincial France even more- though I know that times are different now, even in the places you thought time could elude. Alas, at least you can try. Here in America, cooking doesn't quite find allusion to concepts and ingredients developed in rural France. Each story in the book is followed by 5 or 6 pages of infamous recipes inspired (or taken straight out of the kitchen) by these French women. It's like not only are their sentences form a different planet, but so are their recipes. Everything is exciting and new- though new to me.

I just like to picture myself out in the country picking wild mushrooms (even though I hate mushrooms) under the tree behind my house as the sun begins to set and moisture hits the ground. Or kneading dough in the wee, early morning sun-rise. Perhaps it's just the old simplicity of life that I desire. It's something that's nearly impossible to duplicate today. But I'll keep dreaming, I'll get there someday. For now I'll just attempt to cook with my store-bought creme fraiche and drink my ice cold 2% milk. Life's a dream.

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