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Thursday, March 20, 2014


I was thinking a lot today about how I spend my time, and why. Why do I let myself think that it's ok to waste time if I deserve it? What does it mean to deserve time? No one deserves a single thing. I don't deserve time.

Time is a gift, and I must spend it wisely. If I need to relax, find some way to be inspired. If I am busy, do my work for someone else. I don't need to be a slave to time, but I must not take advantage of it's wonderful presence. I realized today that wasting time is going to get me no where fast.

 I talk big for a little person. I say I will go here and there, and then I sit and wait. Sit and wait. The pattern that kills dreams and chances. Dreams and chances pass you by and then where are you left? Sitting and waiting. Dead because you missed your life. You missed time.

I will climb mountains and swim across the sea. I won't wait for my chance to come, I will seek it with every will and every muscle of my body. It's time to get up and make something of myself. It's time.

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