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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finding the Gems

I get stuck in ruts. All the time. Sometimes several times a day. I can be up one moment and back down the next hour. I'm trying to accomplish something great, to inspire and be recognized. But then I try to find happiness in other things. Fake things. Fiction.

Am I good enough in reality? I need to find out, no more wasting time. I want to be less selfish, be a part of the mass and be there for others. I want to be a great sacrifice. To be useful. To put others before myself. I find this notion the most inspiring for me. To stop being one more mouth to feed, one more breath taking in air, and put my two-cents into this world. Put in my best efforts to make society better.

When I think of all those amazing people that made a difference, I know they weren't thinking about how much they want pancakes right now, or about having the best clothes, or even how much they wanted to be loved more than love other people. They were thinking about their next move. How can they improve? How can they help more? I admit, I am a terribly practical person, and it gets in the way of many things (including *ahem* romantic relationships) but I think its what is going to help me be who I want to be. It inspires me more deeply than anything. I believe being practical is a good thing. A really good thing.

To find my hidden gems and polish. To work hard every day of my life, pushing myself harder and further, that is a way I can live without regrets.

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