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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Wishlist '13

Summer Wishlist '13
So we are almost at summer here.

I know- weird right?

Anyhoo, I've starting developing quite the keen shopping eye recently- I will do my best to explain myself. On a severely superficial note, I think times of mental and emotional transition load in the physical transition as well. And by this, I mean my style is slightly as I make some big decisions and go through changes.

For example, I just quit my retail job.
(uuuhhhhhh) *spuratic eye twitching*

I know, I know. No I don't that's a lie I have no idea what I'm doing.

So back to the clothes and junk...

So my style. At least my shopping style. I 'splain. This time a few months ago, you let me loose with my debit card and I go nuts. (like don't ever let me go into a forever 21 after payday). I would by anything that looks decent. Even if it doesn't fit right or flatter me. I'm mesmorized by colors. Long story short, I shopped without actually wanting what I bought.

Now recently, things have slightly changed. I look through stores and online boutiques and my eye is changing; I'm not looking for/at things the way I used to. Maybe it's my mindset, maybe it's that I'm paying with my own hard-earned money. Who knows?

When I look at clothes, I start looking for things that maybe I haven't seen before, a style that hasn't been done before- something I wouldn't see anywhere else, that's not just following trends and patterns. Now I look for things as if I'm adding to a collection. I look for things that I don't already have.

So in detail, right now regular clothes kind of bore me. It's all about the shows and accessories baby! A little blang blang if you follow me.

In particular I've been craving a few specific things:
As the weather is getting a little warmer and slightly less bipolar (I mean slightly) I'm looking for bright colored sandals and wedges. For the majority of my life I just walked around in the same pair of flip flops (or barefoot- hey it's a hard habit to break!) so I'm a little unprepared in the shoe area.
I'm really into jewelry. I couldn't tell you what style or shapes I'm into, it's more of a "I know it when I see it" thing. I know I'm a jerk. Right now most long dangly earring are catching my eye. Hair pins and bands (as always my first love) and lots of gold.
in the clothing department I've been obsessing with are kind of ballet-esque styles like the fitted black dresses and quarter length sleeves with a low back line. I have this vision in my mind and I still have yet to find exactly what I'm looking for (I guess that's what sewing machines are for anyways)as well as tulle skirts and baby pink.
I've been wanting a smaller bag to carry around for daily use. Don't get me wrong, big bags are essential for sneaking food into the theater and all, but It's really starting to strain my back. I think that having less space will force me to simplify more and only carry around what I need. No, I don't need every journal I own, nor every shade of lipstick in the rainbow to bring with me to the grocery store. So the specific style I'm looking at is a small, round brown leather number. That one from modcloth is perfect!(and also sold out, of course...)So the search continues.
I also really want a short-brimmed, round straw hat with a ribbon around it!

Does anyone relate at all to my new style of shopping? I feel like I'm becoming godzilla... If godzilla had hair he would be me.

Peace out.

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