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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Il Dort, Il Vivait.

So I read Les Miserables. All 1200 pages. Front to Back. And I can say that I've never felt this way about a story before. Beautiful, magnificent, life-changing. You can't read it without facing some kind of trouble in your life. It makes you face things in yourself. Each character I felt represented some common human charactaristics we all may share. I thought before reading it I would be like Cosette. But going through that I feel more like Jean Valjean. I'm sure everyone feels that way.

When someone is lost, there is a father waiting for them when they need him. Ready to strengthen and encourage. To save and to guide.

Every father figure in the story held his tongue before certain circumstances, whether they knew it or not.
Jean Valjean didn’t tell Marius it was he who saved him
Petit-Gavroche did not reveal his relation to the twins
Monsier le Baron Pontmercy did not speak to Marius.
Jean Valjean did not speak of Fantine to Cosette until his death.
The bishop did not hand Jean Valjean to the police for thievery
God did not tell Jean Valjean what to do.
All died in sacrifice.
God works from the outside as well as the inside. He is paving the way in a three dimensional world while you inhabit it for sanctitude. Every thing he does in effort to bring you closer to him. He is trying to humble you, to bring you into holiness.
“he sleeps. though fate was very strange for him,
he lived. he died when he was no longer the angel
merely the thing of it - even came to pass
as the night is when the day goes.”

Misery is nothing once the storm has passed. Everyone must float through misery with hope.

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